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monthly outift challenge

one of my new year's resolutions for 2022 is to sew more so I have made a goal to sew at least one outfit for myself a month. i will post my progress and finished projects here.


to start the year off i wanted to do something black and white or something contrasting that showed the difference between the person I was last year and the person i want to become in the new year. 



i wanted lots of greens this month for st. patricks today but i dont usually look good in green so i had to be careful. i picked this nice olivey green and then an amazing carhart camo denim for the black and camo jeans. I think it is a fun and festive st patricks day look that doesn't scream leprechaun!



the month of love. i don't look good in pink so it won't be pink. i wanted something that was valentines dayish. had hints of pinks and reds so made this raglan tee with a heart patch that says yeehaw that i love and a pink rib-knit collar. i bleached the denim to make a two-tone jean. it is an incredibly comfortable stretch denim in a slightly cropped style.

FullSizeRender 7.jpg


April I knew I had a concert to go to. a country concert so I wanted something country inspired and i wanted to blues for "April Showers" so i did some two tone chap style jeans and a blue fringed two tone jacket and plain white shirt underneath to not distract from the denim work that I am so proud of! the concert i went to was Orville Peck and it was amazing.

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